Arthur V. Martin Ph.D.

Arthur V. Martin Ph.D. Path Away

Mr. Martin is a graduate of The New England Institute of Technology where he studied HVAC and Refrigeration Engineering Technology. He also attended Bristol Community College and completed programs offered by Northeastern and North Central University. He holds a BS in Environmental Engineering with a Biology concentration and a MSME in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Ph.D. in Engineering Management.

 Art has acted as a consultant to private companies as well as numerous foreign governments for 40+ years. He has personally conducted in excess of 4,000 building environmental pathogen assessments and lectured in over 16 countries. His expertise designing clean rooms for hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers spans the globe. He is considered one of the worlds leading experts on controlling the spread of pathogenic bio-aerosols in buildings. 

His global expertise and collaboration with traditional and oriental drug researchers have led him to develop an organic, broad spectrum anti-pathogenic solution effective against more than 170 fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses. That product is currently used in various market segments including Infection Control, Agriculture, Personal Care Products, Textile Industry, Animal Care and the Transportation Industry. Art is a member of the W.H.O., World Health Organization’s T.B. (Tuberculosis) Board. In 2011 his work with preventing the spread of TB was recognized with a nomination for the prestigious KOCHON Prize, awarded annually by the W.H.O. 

Art has been the recipient of numerous awards by organizations such as ASHRAE, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, Energy User News Magazine, World Health Organization and a special recognition by The United States Department of Commerce International Trade Administration for his work and commitment to spreading his knowledge and technology abroad.

He has spoken globally in over a dozen countries and has been a Keynote Speaker at conferences sponsored by the building industry, medical industry, several foreign governments and the World Agricultural Conference sponsored by the Fascination with Plants organization.    

He is currently:

  • President and Principal Research Scientist of Global Infection Control Consultants LLC, a USA based company.
  • Chief Scientist of Bioklyn Biotech, Inc. located in the Science & Technology District, Tianjin, China.
  • Mr. Martin can be reached at: