Our Mission

We continue to research, develop and market organic based phyto-protectant products with a wide range of use that are safe for people, plants, buildings, textiles and animals. We target biological, bacterial, fungal and viral problems with a goal of symptom relief, pre-emptive management and solid results. We produce and/or recommend only products that have been tested, proven and approved.

Who We Are

Our company has as its sole purpose the identification and quantification of chemical, bacteriological, biological and viral pathogens affecting your home, business and personal life and providing cutting edge “organic” solutions. The company’s expertise spans market segments including Hospital Infection Control, Contamination Control for Crops, Textiles, Poultry, Livestock, Equine, Transportation, and keeping Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Institutional Occupied Structures as pathogen neutral as possible for safe habitation Through Clean Air Control.

After building a strong reputation for excellence in the United States of America, our company has rapidly expanded internationally to over 21 countries today. This is entirely due to the experience, expertise and dedication of the innovative personnel who commit their time and effort along with their expertise to find visionary chemical, drug and alcohol-free solutions to your problems.

Trust your problems to our multidimensional team of experts. Send your inquiry about our on-site consultancy services for a customized program tailored to your specific needs.

Industry Dominant Advantage

Our principals have 55+ combined years of global expertise and our preeminent staff of advisors in individual disciplines spans the global community. Each is specifically chosen because of their hands-on expertise, their innovative thinking and their commitment to natural based, sustainable solutions to chronic and/or acute problems. Everyone associated with our company is committed to “using nature to cure nature’s ills.”

Arthur V. Martin Ph.D.

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