The Path-Away® Story

The month of February 2003 brought an outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) to the shores of Singapore. It had apparently started in Foshan in Guangdong, China with the first reported case being seen on 16 November 2002. It had spread quickly throughout China and worldwide as far as Canada. It was finally active in Singapore in May of 2003 with 33 reported deaths. Dr. Arthur (Art) Martin was working close by in Malaysia on issues related to Infection Control in hospitals and other building types at that time.

Art’s work had already been recognized at that time with 1st Place Technology Awards issued by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for both Existing Institutional Buildings and Existing Health Care Facilities. Energy User News Magazine had also recognized him with an award for The Most Efficient Building in The Nation for recognition of his work.

After some consultation with his brother, a Naval Architect by training with a minor interest in Plant Pathology, he set a goal to develop an Organic Based Solution effective against a wide variety of Fungi, Bacteria, Yeasts and Viruses in order to break the cycle of chemical/drug sanitization and disinfection of buildings and their HVAC, Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning) systems.

Still working in Malaysia and S.E. Asia in 2009, Art met head on with the H1N1 (Swine Flu) epidemic. The original source of the H1N1 epidemic was traced to swine located in a small region of Central Mexico. According to W.H.O, approximately 13,900 deaths in Malaysia were attributable to the H1N1 virus. Art was six (6) years into research and development of the Path-Away Solution® line of products and had it tested locally by a department of the Malaysian Government with stunning success against the H1N1 virus.

Since those early research and development days, Dr. Martin has been joined by his son Kevin in his work. Kevin is a double Master’s Degrees’ graduate of Florida State University. As a team they have developed several derivatives of their original formulation. Laboratory tests conducted around the world as well as in the United States have yielded superior efficacy against numerous pathogens including the recent COVID-19 (SARS CoV2) variant. This has been done with an Organic Based, Non-GMO, Drug and Alcohol-Free solution that has no added chemicals during or after the compounding process.

Actual product content is listed on the FDA GRAS, Generally Regarded as Safe list or lists issued by the USA EPA with content approved for use in various disease fighting formulations. The extremely high efficacy is coupled with toxicity levels lower than anything else readily available.

Exponential product content efficacy is the result of a proprietary process where sequencing of product compounding is regulated, and the times, temperatures and pressures of each stage are carefully and critically adjusted and monitored. Product use in now global in various market segments.

Today and Moving Forward

Dr. Martin and his team continue to innovate, adjust, modify and respond to ever changing attacks on multiple market segments by pathogenic Fungi, Bacteria, Yeasts and Viruses. Success with the current COVID-19 (SARS CoV2) virus is a prime example of how the team’s persistence is bringing better health through food and bio-security to the global community has paid off. Laboratory documentation can be found on this web site.

They have sought out specialized expertise wherever and whenever possible that will help enhance what they have continued to do since the inception of the original project. Their global contacts and global work experiences have allowed them to introduce and incorporate both traditional as well as non-traditional healing techniques into their product development.

The company philosophy of inclusiveness of global knowledge of both modern and ancient traditional healing, combined where appropriate, has brought breakthrough results to benefit all. An undeniable track record of efficacy and success related to people, plants and animals is testament to the truthfulness of the primary philosophy of “Utilizing Nature to Relieve Nature’s Ills.”

One of the specialized organizations that Dr. Martin has teamed up with that has been instrumental in the latest enhancements is Agrinomics LLC ( and its affiliate Yes Analysis, LLC ( By partnering with Agrinomics, LLC, Path-Away+ has been developed for use in large agricultural and water supply projects worldwide. These types of clients are looking at options to utilize Path-Away+ and specialized delivery systems that will help reduce or eliminate many of the plaguing issues that are hampering a safe and secure food supply.

The irrefutable success of these projects ranges from enhanced crop growth results coupled with reduction and/or elimination of pathogens attacking those crops. Crop Security is Food Security and is paramount to a successful economy in every country. One project in Nigeria, documented by their Agricultural Ministry resulted in a 25-30% increase in forage crops. All of that was done organic based, non-GMO, with no drugs or alcohol and no added chemicals.