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Project 2

- Bangladesh -

The Azim Group is a multi-national holding company based in Bangladesh. They have been involved in the RMG, Ready Made Goods, and garment manufacturing sector since its inception in Bangladesh in the early 1980s. Today, Azim Group has about 20 manufacturing units in both the cities of Dhaka and Chittagong, with over 26,000 employees and serves clientele worldwide.

GICC LLC was called in because of our specialized garment industry expertise in measuring, monitoring and controlling biological contaminants affecting products for shipment worldwide. A complete supply chain assessment was conducted from thread manufacture, to dying, weaving, shipment to factories for production, the factories themselves and post production shipping worldwide.

Extensive testing and monitoring of shipment conditions during the ocean voyage to the final destination resulted in a specific protocol to reduce and/or eliminate the problems. One USA based client reported a yearly saving in excess of US $2.5 million on lost goods.