Products 1

Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution®

Our original base concentrated formulation. Scientifically developed in the United States. This formulation was compounded to serve as a base for various derivatives which were then constituted for specific market segments. This was carefully conceptualized with the understanding that although fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses can have pathogenesis to people, plants and animals, requirements for each would vary. Thermotolerance was built in due to the variables of geographic location and local climatic conditions of temperature and humidity. It is biodegradable and contains no drugs, alcohol or added chemicals. It is Certified Organic input as well as non-GMO. All products are designed for direct application by spray, wipe or vaporization.


Products 2

Path-Away Protectant Solution®

Our basic all-purpose solution utilized effectively against fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses. Highly effective against a wide variety of odor causing bacteria. Highly effective in buildings, transportation, and general use. Specifically designed for use in The M3 System® for building environmental pathogen control.



Products 3


Path-Away+ was targeted for use in large agricultural and water supply projects. Results have been proven and efficacy is outstanding.




Products 4

Path-Away Poultry Protectant®

Developed specifically for the poultry industry, our Path-Away Poultry Protectant® has proven results helping growers to produce more product with less mortality, better feed conversion rates and organically produced birds by eliminating antibiotics. When applied to feed stock it extends the life and combats both E-coli and Salmonellae. The birds digest grain at a higher rate because application of the product reduces the spread of harmful pathogens within the growing environment. It is highly effective in eliminating Aspergillus-niger in hatcheries as well. Formulated into this particular derivative of our product is a plant extract that breaks down the fecal matter to reduce the ammonia odor substantially. Poultry can be prepared for shipment through our unique application process by eliminating sanitizing with chlorine thereby opening foreign markets that have current restrictions on chlorine washed product. It combats invasive pathogens than destroy grain supplies and attract vector pests such as darkling beetles, etc.

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Products 5

Path-Away Dairy Protectant®

Developed specifically for the dairy industry as a multi-purpose answer to common problems. When utilized with our unique application system it will eliminate treating dairy cows manually prior to attachment of automatic milking equipment. Highly efficacious in preventing the spread of pathogens from cow udders to the milk supply. Increases efficiency and reduces having productive cows on standby due to cracked skin and the inability to hook up automatic milking devices. When applied to feed stock it combats invasive pathogens than destroy grain supplies and attract vector pests such as darkling beetles, as well as E-coli and Salmonellae.


Products 6

Path-Away Textile Protectant®

Developed specifically for the textile industry after consultation with and closely working with one of The United States largest importers of RMG, Ready Made Goods. When large shipments of clothing manufactured overseas were arriving in the USA contaminated with fungi, we began a process of developing counter measures. This derivative of our product is designed for application during the manufacturing process to prevent contamination during manufacturing as well as protecting during long shipment supply chains. Non-staining, non-bleaching and organic based in has proven highly successful. Report available on request. It is also used in retail applications quickly and easily on returned goods to ensure no harmful pathogens or contamination re-enters the retail space or affects employees.


Products 7

Path-Away Cannabis Control®

Developed specifically for the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Our product will help you grow and harvest bigger, healthier, residual free products. Tested and proven safe with high efficacy by the United States leading laboratory engaged in testing products for the industry. The product was designed to be used by either direct application, soil growth enhancement or hydroponically.


Products 8

Path-Away Pet Protectant®

Developed after much research on conditions affecting a wide variety of pets. It is totally safe for all pets including birds and aquatics. Combats problems associated with fungi, bacteria, yeasts or viruses.




Products 9

Path-Away Health & Wellness Additive®

Developed for use as an additive to external use products used for human wellness. Currently added to skin creams to combat issues related to diverse pathogenic problems such as Rosacea, Acne, Eczema, Athlete’s Foot, Common skin rashes and Shingles.

Added to men’s and women’s Shaving Mousse to produce an anti-bacterial gel that allows your razor to glide across your skin without fear of infection from a nick or cut. Extends the life of blades too.