The M3 System Explained

  • M1
  • Measure
  • We establish a baseline
    bioaerosol pathogen
    matrix of the facility.

  • M2
  • Manage
  • We construct a protocol based on laboratory results to manage pathogen levels that will enhance Infection Control policies and reduce nosocomial infections.
  • M3
  • Monitor
  • We formulate a comprehensive long term program with guidelines to monitor results that will keep
    the facility on track with their
    infection reduction goals.

The Investigative Process & the M3 Protocol

Step 1

An opening conference is held to discuss your problems and issues. The nature of the problem is discussed and a survey is handed out to management to acquire information on problems. Attendees should include management, infection control and personnel from maintenance and engineering. During this step of the process a walk around of the facility is conducted where notes and photographs for reference are collected. A list of documents required for “Step 2” of the program is discussed.

Step 2

Based on the information gathered during the opening conference and a review of the survey forms a comprehensive protocol for the identification and quantification of pathogenic bioaerosols is formulated and presented to management.

Step 3

Implementation of the M3 protocol is initiated. Samples are sent to be analyzed and quantified by a Certified Microbiological Laboratory as needed. Any chemical testing is conducted as per OSHA protocols and results are analyzed and quantified by a certified laboratory. Results are documented and a new, comprehensive protocol for reduction and control of infection rates is constructed for implementation by the facility.

Step 4

Follow up random sampling and testing is conducted on a six month basis to monitor results and to re-examine the facility for physical changes such as additional construction, changes in use, etc.