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Transportation Solutions

Our expertise extends to the transportation industry. With a full understanding of aviation including private as well as commercial airliners and their environmental systems we are able to measure, manage and monitor interior cabin conditions to provide safe and healthy traveling experiences. That expertise extends all the way to the passenger terminals as well.


Latin America Strategic Partner

The company will focus on the Agricultural and Animal industries along with bringing better indoor environmental conditions to the Health Care and Manufacturing sectors through control of indoor pathogens.


The cannabis market is here to stay and growing exponentially. Medical cannabis in particular is highly regulated. Benefits to patients are still being discovered.

The most critical factor in the production of medical cannabis is producing a product that is free of chemical residue. Since the main route into the body is through respiration ant such harmful chemical residue would add to the health burden of patients.


Arthur V. Martin, President and Principal Research Scientist recently was awarded special recognition by the United States Department of Commerce for Export Excellence.

Pictured above, Art is receiving the award, one of only two awarded, by a representative of the U.S. Department of Commerce.