The transportation industry has many sub-sectors and we can provide pathogen control safety to each of them.

For the airline industry, we can provide safe, organic sanitization of planes, terminal facilities, warehouses, hangers, and all tarmac vehicles including luggage carriers.

With over the road trucking and national and international shipping, we can provide safe, clean containers where personnel can load and unload without fear of contracting a deadly illness that has traveled across State, Federal or International borders. We can ensure that goods shipped will arrive disease free and free of odors infused by the prior container load. We can also provide these same conditions in warehouse facilities.

Hospital vehicles, EMT vehicles, fire and police vehicles can be safely and quickly sanitized. Garages, warehouses and storage locations can quickly and safely be made free of harmful disease-causing agents such as fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses. Our organic and non-GMO products and systems can be applied to busses and trains with as much ease and care as other sectors of the transportation industry.



Benefits include:

Certified Organic


No drugs or alcohol

Totally soluble



Efficacy against Fungi, Bacteria, Yeasts, Viruses


1.   One-gallon containers. Minimum order is one (1) case of four (4) gallons.

2.   Five (5) gallon containers.

3.   Fifty-five (55) gallon drums.

4.   Two hundred fifty (250) to three hundred thirty (330) gallon totes.

Contact us for pricing based on order size. Domestic or overseas shipping arranged.

There are numerous examples of successful uses of
Path-Away® Aerosol Protectant Solution.
If you are looking to resolve issues related to losses from fungi, bacteria, yeasts, viruses or insects, we can help. Our staff of experts will tailor a solution specifically to your needs.

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