A scientifically blended formulation that has consistently proven effective in raising bigger, healthier poultry. It has proven to help reduce and/or eliminate the use of anti-biotics, control rampant poultry shed pathogens including fungi, bacteria and others. When used in a poultry application our scientifically formulated product has reduced ammonia levels significantly and extended the life of grain feedstocks by reducing beetle infestation.

A scientifically blended formulation that aids in raising healthier livestock by managing and/or controlling pathogens causing various conditions that reduce the value of your livestock.


Benefits include:

EPA Exempt as per FIFRA 25(b)


Contains FDA ingredients listed as GRAS

Certified Input for Organic

Certified Input for Non GMO

Efficacy against Fungi/Bacteria/Yeasts


1.   One-gallon containers. Minimum order is one (1) case of four (4) gallons.

2.   Five (5) gallon containers.

3.   Fifty-five (55) gallon drums.

4.   Two hundred fifty (250) to three hundred thirty (330) gallon totes.

Contact us for pricing based on order size. Domestic or overseas shipping arranged.

There are numerous examples of successful uses of
Path-Away® Aerosol Protectant Solution.
If you are looking to resolve issues related to losses from fungi, bacteria, yeasts, viruses or insects, we can help. Our staff of experts will tailor a solution specifically to your needs.

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