We were asked to consult on a situation where a thoroughbred racing stallion belonging to a Middle Eastern Prince had succumbed to illness. Upon investigation, we learned the stallion suffered and eventually died due to a fatal case of Aspergillosis.

We visited the site and conducted a pathogen matrix evaluation. We found Aspergillus active colonization in hay at levels in excess of 30,000,000 CFU’s (Colony Forming Units). After a thorough evaluation of the supply chain for feed and bedding, it was determined that the best way to abate the problem was with a direct application of Path-Away® Certified Organic, non-GMO product in the stable.

After product application, we waited several days and conducted a follow-up pathogen matrix evaluation. Over 99.9999% of the pathogens, including the Aspergillus, were reduced to less than 10 CFU’s total. A side benefit was that our Certified Organic, non-GMO product broke down the VOC’s and produced near total elimination of offensive odors.

Whether your horses are for pleasure, competition or breeding, you need a structured application program of Path-Away® to ensure their health and longevity.



Benefits include:

EPA Exempt as per FIFRA 25(b)


Contains FDA ingredients listed as GRAS

Certified Input for Organic

Certified Input for Non GMO

Efficacy against Fungi/Bacteria/Yeasts


1.   One-gallon containers. Minimum order is one (1) case of four (4) gallons.

2.   Five (5) gallon containers.

3.   Fifty-five (55) gallon drums.

4.   Two hundred fifty (250) to three hundred thirty (330) gallon totes.

Contact us for pricing based on order size. Domestic or overseas shipping arranged.

There are numerous examples of successful uses of
Path-Away® Aerosol Protectant Solution.
If you are looking to resolve issues related to losses from fungi, bacteria, yeasts, viruses or insects, we can help. Our staff of experts will tailor a solution specifically to your needs.

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